New SirinFPV RevG !!!

There’s a new SirinFPV on the block ( revision G) and I got a chance to try it out! I have been told there are only a few changes ( MPU6000 vs 6500 and Onboard 3.3v) but those are very significant to me! The MPU6000 from what I hear is a better gyro, runs 8khz SPI and does not have the jitter problem the 6500 has. The 3.3v while it may seem small helped out my build a lot. With the Owl camera it has a little voltage regulator it comes with which converts 5-24v down to 3.3v for the camera… I can finally scrap that and wire it in directly.

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2016 PNW Drone Nationals Qualifier

Whew what a weekend. Flew up to Bend, Oregon for the Pacific North West Drone Nationals Qualifier. Flew up after work Friday and was home by 9:00AM on Sunday morning. Sadly I didn’t get to spend too much time in Bend other than attending the race. The race was a mixed bag. While I tied for 3rd after Qualifying I ended up taking 5th due to a mid-air in the final race right at the start. I did finally qualify for Drone Nationals though!!! BUT I will not be attending it as I have conflicts and cannot make it. Thankfully we were able to pass the “golden ticket” onto the next person in line so at least he can now go!

The big thing was the race format was very interesting, at least I had never seen anything like that before. We were given one practice round and then three qualifying rounds. If you qualified well you continued on, if you didn’t you were done. Now the people that qualified 1-5 had a race. The person that won that race moved onto the “finals” and were given the “golden ticket”. The person that qualified #6 would then enter the race against the remainder of the people from 1-5 taking the place of the other person. So on and so forth until all the “tickets” were given out. Because FlyingBearFPV (Ken) was already qualified and the fact I gave up my ticket, they ended up having 7 of these races to find who got those last two spots. This “format” really favors the people that qualify well.

FloRotors 130 Build

So after losing my last FloRotors 130 off the back of my cart I wanted to build another. The last one I went with a few cheaper parts in the essence of time, this one I wanted to just throw the good stuff on it, the only thing I’m not sure about yet is the camera, a bit too wide of a FOV for me.┬áThe build was pretty simple, I skipped a PDB and just went with a wire loom I made. The quad flies really well out of the box, and I can go to 4S if the track is big enough. The Turnigy Bolt 850 HV 3S are nice, but too big imo. I think this quad would be great with a 500-600mah battery… yet so few batteries that size.

AUW: 246g
Frame: FloRotors 130
Motors: DYS 1306 4000kV
Props: GemFan 3″ TriBlades
Flight Controller: Lumenier Lux
Firmware: Betaflight 2.7.1
VTX: FX799T (200mw tx)
Camera: Micro 600TVL (170deg)
Receiver: FrSky XSR
Battery: Turnigy Bolt 850 3S

I’m sure those of you that are following my page closely will notice a few components are becoming my goto’s. Mainly the Lumenier Lux, FX799T, and the XSR. They are all rock solid components and am planning on throwing them in everything I build until something better comes along.