Rage X – RED Edition!

Rage X Red Corner Shot


I built another Rage X over the past couple days. It’s a high KV motor just like previous ones but the major difference is this one has 32bit ESC’s and the motors are Emax RS2205/2600kv. This is also the very first quad I have built with red accents to it. Not sure why I never did red before, the availability of anodized red is very convenient and pretty standardized too!



So really nothing out of the blue here other than the ESC’s and motors. It feels like a completely different beast when compared to my other Rage X’s. Now I don’t know if it is the ESC or the Motors [or both], people at the field felt it was likely to be the motors as they produce roughly 20% more thrust than the RCX (I’m told at least). Either way the quad felt awesome and had TONS of power. The ESC’s had no problems handling the fast KV nor the power. ESC’s felt cool to the touch after the hard flights. Far more power than my other two Rage X’s (LittleBee 20/XM 20). I think my next plan is to get some more RS2205/2600KV motors and throw them on the XM20 version and see how that feels compared to this one.

Full Disclaimer: I bought these ESC’s at a discounted rate to sample them. This did not influence my view of them in any way.