Lost Quad!!

It’s official. I have lost my very first quad.

No I didn’t have a fly away. No I didn’t lose control of it. It actually happened as I was walking… yes I wasn’t even flying it. This past weekend we had the 2016 Maker Faire Bay Area. I was racing the Aerial Sports League track for most of the weekend. It was clear the track was small and I should be flying a 3″ quad versus a 5″ quad (which was all I had). So on friday night I built up a FloRotors 130 that I had sitting around. Swapped in a SPF3, FX799T, FrSky XSR and tuned it Saturday morning. After tuning it I headed to Maker Faire and parked at my friends place and walked to the race (.8 miles).

Sadly during this walk it was raining and I had an umbrella over my “cart” and at some point it fell off and didn’t notice it. Very sad times since I just threw on $100 worth of parts on it the night before and only got three packs in it before it was gone for good. Also really sad that I didn’t get a chance to fly in the “outlaw” races which added a lot of track time for those that were able to.  I am already planning another build for a 3″ Outlaw class.

The race itself was a mixed bag of results for me. I set fast times and had the fastest (at least as of the second day) set of five laps, but I wasn’t going through the “bonus” gate. Still I felt really good going around the track without it. Going into Sunday I was ranked #14 based on points and got into the AMain. In the first round I crashed going into the bonus gate. I second guessed myself and paid for it. Even though there were two rounds that basically eliminated me. So for the second round I just said “screw it, let’s have some fun”  I threw on my RunCam 2 and went crazy. Crashed multiple times, landed in the raptures, got back out. All for my RunCam not to record anything.

Anyways here’s some video of my “practice” on Saturday night. I am pretty sure it’s in “order” or my flights so you can easily see some improvement over just 2-3 flights.