Camera Settings


For a long time I had the HS1177 camera and didn’t know what settings to choose on it. I always knew I had to turn D-WDR on, but besides that I was very lost in the wilderness. So eventually I started scanning the internet and found a page written on suggesting the settings below. At WDP2016, a lot of people struggled with their camera settings and our settings became very popular. Sadly nefpv’s page was down. So I am re-sharing it here….


Lens: Manual
Shutter: Auto
Brightness: 065
AGC: Off
Level: 063
White Balance: ATW1
Backlight: OFF
Day & Night: Auto (I use Color)
D -> N Level: 080
D -> N Delay: 3 sec
N -> D Level: 032
N -> D Delay: 1 Sec
Cam Title: On (Put your handle on here)
Motion: Off
Privacy: Off
Park Line: Off
Image Adjust: 
Lens Shader: Off
2DNR: On
Mirror: Off
Font color: Up to you
Contrast: 90
Sharpness: 031
Display: User
Gamma: 0.55
PED Level: 023
Color Gain: 245
Neg Image: Off
Comm Adj: Ignore


The colors look a little “Pink” to me inside but outside they work great.