QuadRevo Rage 210

First build of the QuadRevo210!
First build of the QuadRevo210!

The QuadRevo Rage 210 is a 4mm bottom plate 3K Twill weave carbon fiber. This was my second frame from QuadRevo and a true beast. Capable of running 5″ props it has plenty of power to go around. This was the quad I took raced at the California Cup Finals in Southern California. Despite many people at the races utilizing X frames, I was still able to take home 2nd place.

Since it’s original build back in September, very little has changed, replaced motors/esc’s when needed. Shortened the stack a bit, but the overall components have been identical since it’s first build.


Frame: QuadRevo 210
Brushless Motors: Lumineer RX2206-11 2350kv
Electronic Speed Controllers: FVT LittleBee 30amp
PDB: QuadRevo PowerOSD Pro
Flight Controller: Sparky v1.1
Propellers: GemFan Tri-Blades 5045
Flight Camera:  HS1177 
Video Transmitter: FX799T (200mw)
Antenna: VAS 5.8 GHz RHCP DuraSpec
Receiver: FrSky X4R
Controller: Taranis Plus

Tattu 1050 4S 75c
Multistar RaceSpec 1400