Fatshark Battery Mod: 18650 Cells!!

Closed up and partially charged
Closed up and partially charged

Anyone else hate their Fatshark batteries? I have two of the newer style ones and they both are horrible. Really high internal resistance, IR, from the start. So I finally got around to creating an 18650 version of the fatshark battery mods. Why 18650? While they are Lithium Ion they are listed at a 4.2 max. They are readily available. They are cheap. What more could you ask for? In a slightly bigger package I am cramming 3400mah versus 1800mah… and a better IR.

So let’s get started, what do you need?

** When you buy from DigiKey I suggest ordering more. I also suggest ordering some 2S, 3S, 4S and higher plugs so that you save on shipping.

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