New SirinFPV RevG !!!

There’s a new SirinFPV on the block ( revision G) and I got a chance to try it out! I have been told there are only a few changes ( MPU6000 vs 6500 and Onboard 3.3v) but those are very significant to me! The MPU6000 from what I hear is a better gyro, runs 8khz SPI and does not have the jitter problem the 6500 has. The 3.3v while it may seem small helped out my build a lot. With the Owl camera it has a little voltage regulator it comes with which converts 5-24v down to 3.3v for the camera… I can finally scrap that and wire it in directly.

SirinFPV RevG


All ready and waiting for the install…


Wired it backwards… cost me a polulu and several days


The only thing that died was the polulu thankfully. Once I swapped in a new voltage regulator the quad was up and ready… except I wired EVERY MOTOR backwards. I had to swap the motors and then swap the bells as I cut the wires to exact lengths. Oh well… Still managed to get it done in time for race night at City Beach!

Airblade130 ready for take off!


I am happy to report I have no jitter issues with the new SirinFPV, it flies locked in from the start. In the video above I am flying 100% stock PID’s other than increasing the rate!

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