2016 PNW Drone Nationals Qualifier

Whew what a weekend. Flew up to Bend, Oregon for the Pacific North West Drone Nationals Qualifier. Flew up after work Friday and was home by 9:00AM on Sunday morning. Sadly I didn’t get to spend too much time in Bend other than attending the race. The race was a mixed bag. While I tied for 3rd after Qualifying I ended up taking 5th due to a mid-air in the final race right at the start. I did finally qualify for Drone Nationals though!!! BUT I will not be attending it as I have conflicts and cannot make it. Thankfully we were able to pass the “golden ticket” onto the next person in line so at least he can now go!

The big thing was the race format was very interesting, at least I had never seen anything like that before. We were given one practice round and then three qualifying rounds. If you qualified well you continued on, if you didn’t you were done. Now the people that qualified 1-5 had a race. The person that won that race moved onto the “finals” and were given the “golden ticket”. The person that qualified #6 would then enter the race against the remainder of the people from 1-5 taking the place of the other person. So on and so forth until all the “tickets” were given out. Because FlyingBearFPV (Ken) was already qualified and the fact I gave up my ticket, they ended up having 7 of these races to find who got those last two spots. This “format” really favors the people that qualify well.

Favorite Props

I am often asked what props I am currently using! Well I want to express my love for my GemFan PC5050-3BN! These props produce a ton of power at the low end and they are extremely durable. The PC Props are made out of a special polycarbonate that GemFan produces and they have a ton of strength. I can often get through multiple crashes on a single prop. Of course I always recommend swapping out props that have been bent back in place multiple times… it’s just good practice. Often I see people flying and trying to tune a quad that has a prop that has been re-bent many times.

Best Props around!
Gemfan PC5050-3BN Best Props around! Very durable and tons of power!!!

Airblade UAV Build (SirinFPV FC)

Whew, just completed another new build. I continued with another 130 sized build to keep a couple of the smaller quads in the fleet. I actually tore apart an older Airblade Assault to build this one. I really liked the Owl camera from RunCam for a small 130 build as it extends the flying ability into the night! It’s not the best for day flying, but I think it is better than many of the smaller pico/micro sized cameras (although larger and heavier). This build did add a few new elements I have not tried before (SirinFPV Flight Controller, FVT LittleBee Pro 4-in-1 ESC, and the AirBladeX 130) below I go into each of them in a little bit more detail!.

SirinFPV Flight Controller

This is going to quickly become the go-to for flight controllers! This flight controller features a STM32F3 processor, a integrated OSD, Blackbox SD Card port,  and an integrated video transmitter. It runs Betaflight and will soon be in the upcoming builds by default. It uses VCP so you still have access to all UART ports without interference with USB. Since Betaflight 2.6.1 and up you can run ESC pass-through on VCP! The OSD is pretty minimal, but that’s what you want in a racing quad.  The SirinFPV features the MPU6500 gyro/accel and is connected via SPI so it supports 8khz\8khz mode! It has the capability to run 6 motors aswell. The OSD and VTX are accessible via CLI, and the VTX can change the channels via OSD. It does require a 5v 1amp power supply!

It’s available for pre-order now!

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